The Art of Erotic Massage

No matter how stressed you are, getting a massage is a sure way of releasing all your stress. While massages are commonly used for relaxing oneself, not many know that massages can also be made erotic, which can simply blow a person’s mind. Erotic massages are quite similar to the regular ones in which one aims at releasing tension with the only difference being; erotic massage includes the factor of enhancing sexual arousal during the process.

There are a lot of factors which go into delivering the perfect erotic massage cause if not done appropriately; it can leave a person not just dissatisfied but also in a lot of pain. When you have complete access to their body, make it a point to give them a full-assed massage. Make sure you start the activity with the simple process of massage, and as things go on, slowly turn them erotic with specific hand movements. Take a look at the following points if you want to master the art of erotic massage.

1) Setting the mood

This goes without stating, but in case you don’t know, always help your partner disrobe and lie down on the bed or towel placed on a firm surface. If you do not have night dimmers, buy candles instead of using bright lights as they can easily turn off the mood. Natural lighting is said to be perfect while delivering erotic massage, so use it as much as you can. Music is essential. It need not be the music generally played at a spa, as even music which your partner likes can do the trick. Also, make sure the room smells refreshing, as bad odor can disrupt the mood.

2) Use erotic oils

When you know that the massage is going to be erotic, it is best if you used products which gel well with it. Refrain from using the everyday lotion from your cabinet and buy a few erotic oils. Erotic oils are made primarily to enhance sexual pleasure so opt to use only them. They come in various fragrances and can be purchased online.

3) Maintain a steady pace

The first 20 minutes of erotic massage must be all about massage and nothing else. Refrain from directly going to places like the vagina, butt or the penis. You need to help them relax their body and not stress it in any manner. Do not rush things.

4) Teasing is a must

Once you have gotten to their back, legs, neck and all the other essentials, slowly start making playful advances towards their privates without touching them. Do not go straight to the nipples, vagina or the penis and instead concentrate on the areas which surround them like the place where the thigh connects to the body. You need to get their sexual arousal to the limit where they need you more than anything in the world.

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